Mega Visions Show
a year ago

Mega Visions Side Show Episode 19: Sonic Blows Them All Up

Welcome to Sonic Christmas Blast. Dr. Robotnik's brilliant scheme is to replace Santa Claus and demand a reverse Christmas: everyone else gives Robotnik-Claus gifts! What fun, right? How could anyone stop him? Maybe that punk who forgot to get Princess Sally (yes, that Princess Sally) a gift for two Christmases in a row! That's our hero, ladies and gentlemen! God Bless us. Everyone.

This week Sonic teaches us that materialism is all that matters. So our blue buddy is on board with Schwarzenegger and the quality morals just keep flowing. Sketch, Chris, and Scotty continue to question the message of 90's entertainment and go on tangents left and right. This is our gift to you, faithful listeners.

Intro: Kubbi - Firelight

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