Mega Visions Show
2 years ago

Mega Visions Show Episode 16: These Hips Don't Drive

This week we make hilarious topical jokes as you can tell from the episode title, and somehow actually avoid spoilers of Spider-Man: Far From Home and Strangers Things Season 3. We truly are artists. While avoiding spoilers we discuss the games we've been playing, concerts we've been attending, and exploring the insane world of 3D/Virtual Reality cinema. Oh, we also discuss everything from BMW cars to the only Sega Xtreme Sports strategy guide found on Tripod-hosted websites. Everything you want!

Once we get beyond Graham buying sports cars like candy, we discuss an upcoming indie racer for Dreamcast Arcade Racing Legends, the unexpected library of the mini Turbo Grafx/PC Engine, and the plans for the sequel to The Last Starfighter. We also answer some great questions from you amazing people!

Lastly, we begin building the hype for the Dreamcast Dreamless 24-Hour Marathon and we need your help to make it amazing again! Mark your calendars for 09/07/2019 to not only celebrate the 20th anniversary of that magical swirl, but also to help kids in need. You can check out our Extra Life page and start donating right now!

Suggested talking points: Graham Lag, Hooligans, Dreamcaster's Realm, Oregon Trail, Secret Pachinko Machine, Not My Snatcher, Matrix Reloaded, Bad Breath

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