Mega Visions Show
6 months ago

Mega Visions Show Episode 37: The Sam Neill Scene

In this week’s Mega Visions Show:

Chris, Marcin, Graham, and Scotty are here to tell you why you should definitely get the Game Gear Micro, why Fog Gaming is important, how to properly save your marriage without forsaking your precious video games, and so much more! Oh, and Sam Neill has a surprise for everyone. You haven't seen that scene yet have you, dear listener?

Jokes aside, regarding the #BlackLivesMatter discussion, this site is a great place to start like I mentioned. The area we are specifically donating all of June's Patreon and store proceeds towards is the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. And while you're here, be sure to check out a few awesome content creators: Kentman, T-Bone, and Andre!

Outro song: "Racists" by Anti-Flag

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