Mega Visions Show
a year ago

Mega Visions Show Episode 13: He Picks Your Nose

This week we cover everything from lightsabers and Twin Sticks, to pocket ladders and man-eating dogs! I'll let you decide how many of those things are actually relevant to Sega, and how many can fit into the Genesis/MegaDrive Mini console. Because we sure did!

While you think about that, don't forget that we have a booth and a panel at Too Many Games this coming June 21-23, with our panel taking place 5:30PM Friday at the Indie Stage! Download the guidebook and toss us on your schedule! Did we mention we'll be having a secret tournament at our booth, with a one-of-a-kind trophy? You gotta be there!

Suggested talking points: Team Sonic Racing, Death Stranding, Sonic R, Factually Bad

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